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Join us on the field of the AT&T Stadium for an afternoon of non-stop action as our troops take to the turf and compete in six official NFL Combine drills. The event will benefit military support organizations and allow our elite veterans to show off their world-class athleticism.

After introducing its flagship product, Herberall, back in November 2018, Nutriumph Supplements takes action in giving back. The company will participate this weekend, to “Caliber Military Combine”, a charity initiative that benefits the U.S. troops. The event will be held at the AT&T Stadium, in Arlington, Texas, this Saturday April 13th at 1pm. Families are invited to come spend the day and meet with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, play games and enjoy the festivities.

Nutriumph’s mission is to educate people about the possibilities of healing organically by using the resources nature has given us. Regrettably, our society teaches us to aim for drugs even before looking for natural remedies. Our mission is to enlighten minds about the numerous natural alternatives that earth has to offer. At Nutriumph, we truly believe that we can utilize nature for medicine and that the human body was designed to heal and achieve its greatest performances through great care and proper nutrition.

The inspiration behind such a mission first came from Byron Booker, co-founder of Nutriumph Supplements. As a seasoned music producer, Byron has had the opportunity to work with famous performers of the music industry. While working on diverse projects, he noticed that most of the artists he was working with were all dependent on ADHD prescription drugs (Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse). They do not suffer from ADHD, but take the medication regularly in order to feel energized, euphoric and hyper focused for hours. After researches, Byron quickly realized that the addiction problem was wide spread. It goes from the so9unds engineer that spends the whole night at the recording studio, to the singer rapping about Adderall. Turns out that the “Adderall Epidemic” also affects professional athletes, executives, entrepreneurs and a huge part of the student community.

In order to create and develop our first product, Herberall, we have spent two years researching and testing natural ingredients that would mimic the effects of the ADHD prescription drugs without the negative aftermath. We finally came up with an all-natural formula that provides the same focus factor and feeling of energy the drug does but without the side effects, jitters, crashes and risks of addiction.

Since we have launched Herberall, we have helped several people get off ADHD prescription drugs, but we also helped many get the energy and focus they needed to power through their day. No matter what you do, Herberall can improve your concentration, your mood and your stamina.

We truly believe in helping others grow, we think that we could contribute in making a change in this epidemic of prescription drugs addiction and bring awareness to a population that still doesn’t know that natural alternatives actually exist. We want to inspire people to believe in themselves and take action towards their dreams and stay healthy while doing so.

This week especially, Nutriumph and Caliber are dedicated to honoring all those who have served our country with events like Military Combine. We recognize our heroes’ pasts while giving them a future full of focus, energy and success.

For more information about the Dallas Cowboys Combine charity event please follow the link:

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By Nutriumph Supplements

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