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Charcoal Treatment Methods – An In-Depth Guide

Charcoal has many ways and situations in which it brings about healing, and there are methods to apply them effectively. It’s amazing how one ingredient can be applied in various ways, and all for one purpose—to bring healing. The best part about it all—there is no need to worry about negative side effects. Charcoal works with the body, and not against, to promote healing. This guide provides a list of supplies needed, and the procedure, for each kind of method.

Charcoal Poultice Ingredients & Supplies Activated Charcoal – Powder formCompress material – It can be made from paper towels, old linen or cloth, gauze, etc.WaterSaran wrap Procedure: Slowly add water gradually into the charcoal powder until it forms a paste. Mix it well.Spread this carefully on your compress material of choice, and place it directly on the skin. Feel free to add an extra layer of cloth, especially if you plan on using this overnight while sleeping. Secure the area by carefully wrapping saran wrap around it, as if it were a bandage. Take care not to wrap it too tightly, as it will hinder circulation.If using overnight, remove the poultice in the morning, and gently cleanse the area with cold water, or a cold cloth.Depending on the severity of the case, this treatment may need to be repeated. Adjust the size of the treatment cloth according to the use.Poultices can be applied almost anywhere on the body, and secured. Charcoal bath Ingredients & Supplies Activated charcoal – powder formBathtub large enough to immerse the most, if not all, of the body Procedure: Fill up the tub with slightly cool water (In cases of fever, a hot half bath procedure is used)Add ½ cup of activated charcoal powder, and mix with your hand until it is evenly distributed.Submerge the body for at least 10 minutes, or until symptoms decrease.Repeat nightly if further treatment is needed. Variation: Charcoal Foot Bath Ingredients & Supplies Activated charcoal – powder formBathtub or foot basin Procedure To relax and detox a foot condition: Fill the tub with cool water sufficient to immerse the feet, or use a foot basin. Add ¼ cup of charcoal powder, and mix until well combined.For headaches and stomachaches: Follow the same procedure, but instead use hot water (As hot as you can handle, without burning or scalding yourself. (For diabetics, use extra precautions to adjust the temperature accordingly. Warm water is best) Charcoal as a drink One of the main ways to take charcoal is by drinking it. Ingredients & Supplies Activated charcoal – 1-2 tsp powder form, or 1 tablet (best when traveling), or 1 tablespoon liquid form (for convenience)Large glassSpoon Procedure: If using the powder form: Mix the powder and water until well combined.(For those who are not able to drink this full mixture, allow the charcoal to settle at the bottom, then throw away the superficial layer of charcoal water. Consume the slurry water beneath) If using a tablet: Allow the tablet to dissolve entirely. Mix or shake (if using a bottle) If using a liquid form: Add one tablespoon to a glass of water, and mix well. Charcoal in Stick Form Ingredients & Supplies Activated charcoal sticksWater bottle Procedure: Place 1 or 2 activated charcoal sticks in your bottle, and it will essentially filter the water! Use this when you are leaving the house, to keep the water free from any chemicals.Rinse the water bottle each night, reuse the charcoal stick, and add water. Boil the charcoal sticks on a pot of water on a weekly basis, to keep the pores open.This can be used for up to 2-3 months.Afterward, discard and replace. Extra Tip: Since charcoal is a very fine black powder, things can become a bit messy. To make it easier for you use, you can combine charcoal and distilled water, and store it in a sterilized, airtight glass jar. Keep this in the fridge and pour when ready to use. You can make this mixture very concentrated, and then simply dilute into a glass of water of when ready to use. By GRACE JAUWENA


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