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Reveal the NuYou



The NuMe Keto Journey is a guide to the NuYou! NuMe is a commitment to yourself, it’s a promise to your body and health, it’s the entry of the path towards a better, stronger, healthier, happier you.

Take on the challenge, start losing weight and revealing the NuYou, now!


was $59.99

now $29.99


Complete plan with grocery list and recipes that are easy to make, budget friendly and are soy-free and gluten-free


Full workout plan with videos. No gym, no equipment required.

 +FREE dumbbell exercise guide.   



Access exclusive tips, content and recipes online. Connect with the Tribe members to stay motivated 



We are sending you a bottle of our best KETO Fat Burning supplement for FREE! Get into Ketosis faster and easier



More is More! We are giving you 40 videos of easy yummy Keto recipes so you never get bored on your Keto journey.

How to Join


28 Day NuMe Keto Journey

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Detailed 28 Day Keto Keto Meal Plan with Recipes, Tips and Grocery Lists. 

Gym Free Workout Plan, No equipment required. 

Supportive Community to help you stay on track. The Tribe will motivate you on IG. 

FREE Fat Burning KETO Booster Supplement 30 day supply (value $19.99)

FREE Bonus 40 Keto Video Recipes

The Program

The NuMe Keto Journey is...

NuEat image.png

A Nu way to Eat!

28 day NuEat® Keto Meal Plan

The Ketogenic diet has been proven to be one the most effective diet so far because it helps targeting and burning fat fast. It delivers great results yet is super easy to follow. In the NuEat® Keto Meal Plan we are providing you with a Ketogenic guide that will teach you the basics of the Ketogenic diet, give you a list of the foods that are good for you, the ones you should avoid, and give tips to eat-out on the Ketogenic diet.

In NuEat® , we’ve also included a 28 day Keto Meal Plan that is detailed for each day and gives you the proper recipes and steps to make your own simple Keto Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. All recipes are gluten free and soy free and they can all be made in 30 minutes or less. We made sure that NuEat® requires minimum ingredients and is built to save you as much time and money as possible. We even included a grocery list for each week just to make your life easier!

A Nu way to Move

28 day NuMove® Workout Program


Because exercising brings optimal results, we have prepared a full 28-day NuMove® Workout Program. No gym or equipment required, you can do all of these simple exercises in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is follow the schedule the same way you follow the meal plan. You will have to perform the exercises listed each day. No need to be an athlete, we will guide you through every step. Don’t know what a Russian Twist is? No problem, just watch the demo videos on the NuChannel® and do the same. It’s easier than you think! Like a real life coach we will tell you exactly what to do so you don’t feel lost in your journey. Exercising a little bit everyday will enhance your weight loss and increase your energy and confidence. And for when you are ready for more intense exercise we have included a FREE NuMove@ Dumbbell Workout!


Warning: Awesome results can become addictive!


A Tribe

Become a NuMe Tribe® Member

Because we know how hard it is to stay focused and motivated. Lack of time, low energy, work, kids, unexpected events… just life itself. There is always something coming in the way between you and the NuYou! You are not alone. We know, and our Tribe members know it too. That is why we have created the NuMe Tribe®. It is a community of people that are willing to reach their goals but need a little extra help staying on track; people who need to stay motivated on a daily basis and know they can benefit from the support of others. The Tribe will hold you accountable, it will motivate you, it will make you want to show your progress and how far you’ve come. Our Tribe members will make sure that you stick to your goals and that you do not quit along the way. They will push you towards the NuYou everyday and be sure that you never quit on yourself. Because you are worth it and we will make sure that you are being reminded every day. Follow @NuMeTribe on Instagram and access exclusive content, recipes and tips when you join the NuMe Keto Journey.

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NuMe Tribe

+ FREE Fat Burning KETO Booster

A Keto Supplement


Because the Ketogenic diet involves cutting off major sources of carbohydrates, you may experience what we call the “Keto Flu” or “Carb Flu”. The reason you get these flu like symptoms is because you are lacking some of the essential electrolytes found in carbs. In order to replenish your electrolytes level we have added BHB Salts (Magnesium, Calcium and Sodium) to our Keto Burn Extreme Max supplement. The salts also force the body into ketosis. Switching the metabolism on and pushing it to burn more fat and allowing you shed weight faster and easier.

But that’s not all. We wanted to give you a real boost and added Apple Cider Vinegar and Garcinia Cambogia to help you burn body fat and suppress appetite. Plus, in order to ignite your metabolism, we’ve put Digestive Enzymes that will increase the metabolism and help break down fat.

Our 30 day supply of Nutriumph Keto Burn Extreme Max is FREE and is shipped to you as soon as you purchase your NuMe Keto Journey. (retail value $19.99) 

shark tank keto diet pills_edited.jpg
Keto Supplement

+ FREE KETO Recipe Videos

 40 Extra Ketogenic Recipes

We are adding an 40 super easy and quick to make keto friendly recipes to the NuEat® Meal Plan as a Bonus. We know life happens and you can’t always follow the schedule perfectly. Or maybe you don’t like an ingredient from the meal plan and want to switch your lunch recipe. Or you’re simply bored and craving something new! We get it. You will find 40 keto recipes that are fast to make and meant for busy schedules. We use few simple ingredients that are healthy and fit small budgets. The videos are available on the NuChannel® for members that join the NuMe Keto Journey.

Keto recipe videos.png
Keto recipe videos

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— Morgan

“I think like everyone I tried many different diets and I have even tried the keto diet before. I am just not consistent enough but having a detailed schedule really helped me stay disciplined because I knew exactly what to do and eat every day. I lost 13lbs I'm so happy.”

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